The Cox Plate Horse Weights for 2015:

In Moonee Valley Racing Club’s Cox plate racing, each runner is given a weight according to their gender and age. This racing is called the weight for age racing and the weights to be carried out by a five-year-old-plus contender is 59kgs, four-year-old contender is 57kgs and a three-year-old contender is 49.5kgs. While there is an allowance of 2kgs for fillies and mares. The racing club also promotes viewing of final field online and thereby enabling betters to have the first look of the horses which helps in finalising their decisions and jump onto early betting odds before being tapered. Know the past winners of Cox Plate race from

Sydney Awnings Help You Enjoy Your Deck Or Patio

Is the hot sun preventing you to stay away from the terrace? This awning is my complete protection. Awnings are used in Sydney to shield the house and the furnishings from the scorching UV rays.

* It reduces the temperature of the house by atleast 20 degrees.

* Protects from the harmful rays causing skin cancer

* Adds value, aesthetics and beauty to the house

* Cuts down the cost on air conditioning by keeping the house cool from inside.

Luxury Apart, A Look At The Face Of Rehab In Malibu.

An addiction specialist is a doctor that specialises in all aspects of rehabilitation (diagnosis, screening, monitoring, and recovery) in all the varied forms of addiction (alcohol, drug, etc.). These physicians are certified by committees like ABAM (American Board of Addiction Medicine) and are trained to deal with mental and physical ailments associated with addiction. These are the actual faces at Malibu rehab centres providing their clients the best patient care and support, open 24 hours.

All Horses Have A Chance To Win The Melbourne Cup

Melbourne cup is the richest handicap race where horses are weighed on the basis of their performance, age and sex. Of the 300 to 400 horses nominated, 24 horses are selected finally which race the 3200 meters in 3 minutes battling for the cup. A horse should have a minimum weight of 49 kilograms and even though there is no maximum weight limit set, the highest weighed horse on the field should be at least 57 kilograms. The goal is to allow all horses an equal chance to win. The handicapped horses participate in four lead up races to earn a penalty. For 2015 Melbourne Cup ticket visit JustHorseRacing Official Website.

Plantation Shutters Helped Me Enjoy My Stay At Sydney – Home Fun

My aunt’s home in Sydney is my favorite summer vacation spot! Last year they installed plantation shutters in every room. I spend the time there at my cousin’s room. During my visit there I was surprised at the striking look it gave to her room. We sipped coffee in the morning with the shutters up. The fresh air and the mid-morning rays entered our room making it bright with almost minimal to no use of electricity at home! Must visit to get the best deal with unique style plantation shutters.

Beauty Haven!

Get Freedom From Painful Monthly Wax Treatments – Laser Hair Removal Clinics At Sydney Offer You Great Escapade

Just walk into any of Sydney’s Laser hair removal clinic for a world of freedom from painful monthly hair removal procedures like waxing, tweezing and shaving. By removing hair by laser, a beam of highly concentrated light is sent into hair follicles thereby removing them. Choose Reema’s when looking for a Sydney laser clinic. In a few sessions, you can enjoy life-long freedom from hair removal methods